VBA-Excel 166 Visual basic for applications that works only in Microsoft Excel, aka macros

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Returns Id of column (Column Index) from a cell. Similar to GetColumnName, this ...

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Finds the SUM, COUNT, COUNTA, etc for a range of cells referencing using ...

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Import all CSVs found in a folder into sheets, sheet per CSV This was a quick ...


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fNMRPrgs, Full-form progress bar (frm77)

Show progress bar inside userform, with option to control lots of things. This ...


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Ranks a number among set of numbers. This is part of huge tool, we needed to ...

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Highlight row of current month

Highlight row in Excel if it is within current month This is another version ...

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Excel ribbon

Add ribbon menu to certain macro-based workbook to run macro, will only be ...

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Frm81 - FullDetails

Show window of details, can be used to show content for certain cell, or show ...


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Frm6 - ANmaMultiSelect

Give users ability to multi-select from list of items into cells with separator. ...


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Reads HTML source page of a webpage, maynot work for heavy js pages, but works ...

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Inserts numeric random unique ID in a column in sheet, specify column, sheet, ...

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Execute exe embedded in Excel

Execute exe file that embed inside Excel sheet This is for experimental, not ...